Digital Marketing as a strategy.


Digital marketing is a’s not just simply a website or social media,or Google;its a full platform that allows people to position their businesses with communities they are targeting.

It is enabling an unprecedented level of engagement between companies and their customers.the key to a successfully riding the waves of the digital marketing phenomenon is to be flexible and agile.logo


The Blend And Impact Of Digital Advertising On Entrepreneurs


45% of the activity in the internet has to do with prospects looking to buy brands. There are 3 billion social media accounts to date. Businesses have 3 seconds to grab a prospect’s attention. It is evident that reach is abounding yet attention is lacking. Therefore attention is the new currency in business. Businesses are faced with the choice of either going online or liquidising their business. Excellent Online presence is the life blood of every business.                                                                         


The wave of continuous change has rendered many digital heads an opportunity to establish businesses that help companies to adapt to this digital era. Such is a company called

Marketing Solution Firm, this is a Full House Marketing Service company that encompasses:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Concept Development
  • Corporate branding
  • Marketing Research & consultation

The CEO Of the company, Thokozile Makwala (22) is very passionate about young entrepreneurs and believes in their potential to transcend past successes through marketing and the steroid of digitisation. She wants young entrepreneurs to outstand and present their business in a way that reflects the core of their brand story. She meticulously pays attention to detail (I should know cause I’ve edited this article ten time before it being published).

Marketing Solution Firm exists to simply offer services that allow businesses to smoothly transition and adapt quickly to the changes new technological trends have brought to existence. Marketing Solution Firm does this through:

The renovation of SMME’s, upgrading Medium companies through maintaining the standard of big/established companies. There is continuous innovation and definition of trends, this is what MSF keeps consistent and it’s essential to what brands need. MSF creates new opportunities, introducing you to potential new markets, exploring grey areas with your product can massively grow your network. Dedication and support updates is the backbone of the company, we take you step by step by giving you constant feedback and updates about your project/brand.

The value of Digital and Print Marketing has never been so crucial to brands and it’s really about standing out and offering quality experiences to your customers.

BY Njabulo Mokoena

Monday: 20/03/2017

R2-billion in data revenue for Vodacom

Mobile services giant, Vodacom has delivered solid service revenue growth despite the tough economic times. Its reported a healthy R40.2bln revenue. Video: eNCA

File: Vodacom released results from the first half of 2016 on Monday afternoon. Photo: Getty Images
JOHANNESBURG – Vodacom says data is the company’s growth engine.

The country’s biggest telecomms company by subscribers, now boasts one million data customers, that helped rake in R2.1-billion from data alone.

Vodacom released its 2016 interim results where it reported growth in group service revenue of 5.3 percent from 4.5 percent during the same period last year.

CEO, Shameel Joosub said data revenue for the telecoms company, had improved because of more data users. He said Vodacom continues to find ways that will drop data and voice prices.

One gigabyte of data on the network currently costs R149.

“Data prices have dropped more than 60 percent in the past four years, with voice prices down more than 52 percent,” Joosub said.

He assured users that data prices will go down, but encouraged them to “ take advantage of data bundles” in the meantime.

In September, CEO of Touch Central and former MetroFM presenter Thabo “Tbo Touch” Molefe took to Twitter using the hashtag #DataMustfall, calling for lower prices from cellphone networks.

He appealed to cellular providers to lower their costs within 30 days or he would move to the network provider that did make a change.

Molefe then took his campaign to parliament.

“We urge the House to request networks to have an open conversation about their pricing strategy on data,” he said at the time.

Molefe told MPs there were many countries across Africa where people pay significantly less to access the internet.

“Ghana has half the population [of South Africa] but more networks, but simply because the spectrum was opened…,”he said.

“Our proposal is simple. We never said data must be free. Currently networks are giving away free Whatsapp. If that’s possible they can cut the price in half.”

Telkom will release its interim results on Tuesday.

– eNCA

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40 days of recalling their product for Samsung

But these are not the only things burning, the Samsung Note 7 is too, something which is predicted to affect other brands affiliated to the Samsung range. It is a matter of time before we see ‘naughty’ Nandos come up with an advert along the lines of: ‘Only our chicken gets better with flames.’ 

Samsung and the millennial headache

The characteristics of the above suggest that the world has started to incline more towards a socialist society, take the above, combine them with what the millennial market expects from brands and you will see how these marry effortlessly. The fact that it took Samsung about 40 days to start recalling their product left a void difficult to fill, the millennial market cannot afford and does not like ambiguity. In as much as it would be very ambitious to predict that Samsung will experience the same demise that we saw with Blackberry, it is clear that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to save the market share that they have recently enjoyed.

      • The market of today does not want to be dictated to, they want to participate in everything and be listened to, from the onset Samsung should have involved the market in finding the solution by creating a platform where those with the Note 7 could report any problems they faced. In South Africa, we saw how the ‘Steve’ guy of FNB created a personality to the brand and how much it worked to their advantage, a two way communication is vital when going through such challenges.

There is no element of doubt that the Note7 was a great product. The products that came before it offers it a silver lining too, going forward, how the brand navigates through this product will be the defining moment if it is to stand any chance of a great come back, which in a way we all wish for! Failure to act decisively will only result in the product experiencing immature extinct