The Blend And Impact Of Digital Advertising On Entrepreneurs


45% of the activity in the internet has to do with prospects looking to buy brands. There are 3 billion social media accounts to date. Businesses have 3 seconds to grab a prospect’s attention. It is evident that reach is abounding yet attention is lacking. Therefore attention is the new currency in business. Businesses are faced with the choice of either going online or liquidising their business. Excellent Online presence is the life blood of every business.                                                                         


The wave of continuous change has rendered many digital heads an opportunity to establish businesses that help companies to adapt to this digital era. Such is a company called

Marketing Solution Firm, this is a Full House Marketing Service company that encompasses:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Concept Development
  • Corporate branding
  • Marketing Research & consultation

The CEO Of the company, Thokozile Makwala (22) is very passionate about young entrepreneurs and believes in their potential to transcend past successes through marketing and the steroid of digitisation. She wants young entrepreneurs to outstand and present their business in a way that reflects the core of their brand story. She meticulously pays attention to detail (I should know cause I’ve edited this article ten time before it being published).

Marketing Solution Firm exists to simply offer services that allow businesses to smoothly transition and adapt quickly to the changes new technological trends have brought to existence. Marketing Solution Firm does this through:

The renovation of SMME’s, upgrading Medium companies through maintaining the standard of big/established companies. There is continuous innovation and definition of trends, this is what MSF keeps consistent and it’s essential to what brands need. MSF creates new opportunities, introducing you to potential new markets, exploring grey areas with your product can massively grow your network. Dedication and support updates is the backbone of the company, we take you step by step by giving you constant feedback and updates about your project/brand.

The value of Digital and Print Marketing has never been so crucial to brands and it’s really about standing out and offering quality experiences to your customers.

BY Njabulo Mokoena

Monday: 20/03/2017